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Donald Raby Chronicles


by Donald Raby on 12/23/16

   We were sailing west nine days across the Indian Ocean enroute to Massawa Ethiopia for Navy Day. January 1971 took us from Tonkin Gulf and Southeast Asia ports to the international event to celebrate the graduation of Ethiopian Sailors. The Russian, British, Australian, Canadian and other ships were representing their nations. USS Wainwright DLG 28 was the most prominent at anchor too large for a pier.
     After several days of celebration including athletic competition we weighed anchor to complete our "round the World" cruise. Only one problem, our modern anchor was fouled having entangled a sunken ship from 19th century. Every effort to release the old anchor found the two locked in firm embrace. BM3 Perkins was lowered over side to tie off the old. The two inch nylon line was stretched to max ready to snap like a rubber band. BM1 Jim Brady took a fire axe and cut the line releasing us to bid good bye to Ethiopia.
      This event stuck in my memory as I matured and sought eternal hope. Here is the real hope in life and hold like an anchor for the soul. This life will end but there is a sure promise found in Lord Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 6:17 Wherein God, being minded to show more abundantly unto the heirs of the promise the immutability of his counsel, interposed with an oath;
18 that by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we may have a strong encouragement, who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before us:
19 which we have as an ANCHOR of the soul,  both sure and stedfast...

12-22-2016 update: I have fought pancreatic cancer for three years with UT Cancer center. The very aggressive tumor was treated to extend my life from 2013 until now. I feel I was very blessed with the care I received and the strength of the Lord Jesus to continue until longer than expected. After a 2nd opinion yesterday I now have no more treatment options and the cancer is spreading and taking my strength. I covet your prayers for my wife Nancy and I as face this current time. God knows our needs and will provide. The Anchor of HOPE is this is not the end but a new beginning. I  urge all who read this to learn of the hope in Jesus Christ as the eternal promise of grace to all who will receive Him and accept his forgiveness and walk with Him all the days ahead.

Donald Raby

Lucinda Hord Raby Story

by Donald Raby on 01/24/15

Lucinda Hord has three children Thomas, Sarah, James.
 James Hord descendants in Blount Co possess original discharge papers from 2nd TN Cav in 1865 Nashville TN. It states James was born in 1825 in Rhea Co TN. This means Thomas Hord, Lucinda were in Rhea Co before 1830 when they came to Knox CO. Thomas purchased 1 acre on Kingston Road in Knox Co TN 1830.
He died in 1831. Ludinda Luttrell and Thomas Hord married in VA then appear to move to TN, first Rhea Co and then to Knox Co 1830. Thomas Hord is found in Militia Muster in Rhea County.
1840 Cnsus Knox Co
in Dwelling #460, Family #465 Lucindy Hoard 42 (she is actually listed as "Hoard")? is head with $200 property, born in VA. James 21, Sarah 20, Mary, 14, Samuel 9.  p.79

Probate Administrative Settlement of Estate of Thomas J. Hord who died intestate prior to 7 October 1831.
In the October Session the court received the following inventory found at his property:

1 cupboard, 1 falling leaf table, 6 beds, 5 coverlids, 1 quilt, 6 counterpins, 11 sheets, 5 bedsteads & Bureau (hooded cover), 1 big chair, 1 pr hand irons, 1 looking glass, 1 gun, shot, powder, powder horn, 2 bolsters, 6 pillows, (?) underbeds, 6 chairs, 2 ?----? Candle stands (broke), 1 barrel of cotton & 1 bag cotton, 1 oven, 2 lids, 2 skillets, 1 large kettle, 2 pots, 1 griddle, 1 flesh fork, 1 fire shovel, 1 coffe mill, 8 pails, 2 trays,  doz tin cups, 1 kitchen table, 1 pr candle molds, 4 crocks, 1 cake tallow, 4 pewter plates, 1 sifter, 2 piggans, 1 waggon (small), sow & 9 pigs, 2 cows & calves, 1 bay horse, 2 mens saddle, one clevis stretcher chain, 1 tub, 2 hoes, 1 mattock,
1 churn, some beef, 8 bushels of Irish Potatoes, 1 pr steel yards, 5 baskets, 4 barrrells, 1 candle stick, 2 falling axes, 1 ?---? Table, 2 bridles, 1 pr shoes, 1 small hand axe, 1 small bucket, 1 Bible, 5 glas tumblers, some hinges, 2 smooth irons, 1 razor strap, 12 knives, --- forks, 2 book, 20 plates, 4 dishes, 1 pitcher, some bowls, 10 tea cups & saucers, 1 sugar dish, 1 cream, 2 crewitt, 1 salt seller, 2 bottles, 1 brass crock?, some tobacco, 1 towel, 1 quart measure of ?----?,
a list of papers found in bureau drawer by Hoo? --------?
One due bill Moses Lewis, L A Lewis $1.00
One order on Jas c. Montgomery for $.51
One due bill on Levi Galloway for $.75 cents.
1 order protested by James Bell on Issac Bolten $1.50
1 note of hand on Alvis Southerland for 50 lbs. of coffee,

1 negro woman named Hannah aged 53 yrs.
1 negro girl Leacy aged 7 years
one Negro boy James aged 4 years.

Signed John M Havron, admin.

A list of items sold on 10th day of November 1831 belonging to the estate of Thomas Hord dec'd.
Lucinda Hord
2 small pots           1.43
1 wash kettle         2.62
2 water pails & 1 bucket .47
1 crock & broken pitcher .12
2 bread trays                    .12
1 skillet & lid                   .06
1 sadle fork & pr pot hooks .23
1 smoothing iron               .88
1 milk churn                      .43
1 shovel handle barrel & liftem .31
1 spinning wheel                    .37
and tin pan                             .13
1 s---ding hoes & garden hoe .88
1 axe & shovel plow              .70
1 barrel  & 9 chains               .65
1 woman's saddle                8.06
1 single tree & chain              .26
2 twists tobacco & satchel     .52
1 folding table                     4.06
1 common cupboard           6.56
2  doz plates & dishes      1.10
 doz pewter plates               .63
--------- bowl, salt seller, crewet nutmeg  .33
1 pitcher & 1 bottle               .63
4 beds & furniture                 30.12
3 counterpins, 1 coverlid & 2 quilts  9.62
1 small wagon & gear            25.14
1 sorrell mare                         39.75
1 cow & calf                             5.00
18 lb. Cotton @ 4  cents           .81
                                     _____________  141.78

David Ragan & Issac Black     _______ .60 1/2
1 skillet & 2 piggins                  .26
1 crock, coffe pot, broken chain .46

Levi Jones                            _________7.29 
1 trot line &fishhooks                 .40
1 pine table                                  .12
cups, saucers & spoons               .60
1 bed & furniture                      5.39 

John Campbell  1 coffee mill      .50

James & Joseph  Swan
1 set candle moulds                     .20
1 meal barrel- band?                    .11
1 hand saw                                   .76
126 bundles fodder 50                 3.86

Lucinda lived about one quarter mile west of Lovell Road on Kingston Pike from this time until her death 1888.
It is not known where she is buried. She owned 100 acres on Turkey Creek which she purchased 1867 after Adam Hanger was unable to pay taxes on the 200 acres he bought.

1852 Lucinda gave son James Hord money to buy 200 acres from Zacaria Cannon along Turkey Creek. As result of a knife fight with Adam Hanger, James fled to Kentucky and the Sheriff took the property. Lucinda tried to stop the sale, but failed. Following is the deposition from Chancery Court in Knox CO that documents this story. After losing the property Sherwood, Lucinda, Samuel, and Mary Jane with her husband Bartley Jones left Knox CO and were listed in Overton County in 1860 Census. In 1862 Samuel had returned to Knox County where he joined the 3rd TN Volunteer Infantry. In 1867 after Adam Hanger failed to pay taxes Lucinda bought the property again and sold 100 acres.

Mary Jane died some time before they returned to Knox Co from Overton Co. She had two daughters with Bartley Jones. He joined the Union 2nd TN Calvary in Blount Co. Leaving his two daughters with Grandmother Lucinda.

There is story a desendant of Mary Jane and Bartley Jones: by Pat Norwood Burke
The story of Mary's, motherless children, runs like this...When Mary
died, my ggrandmother was not weaned yet...was nursed by a black
woman...whoever she stayed with while her dad was away at war...their
house was used as a hospital. My ggrandmother was taught to run from all
soldiers. When her dad came home from the war...she ran from him, too.
She didn't know him. It is said that she always had a fear of him but
loved his second wife..her stepmother, Martha Jane Letsinger.

Here is the transcription of Knox County Court Depositions in the Property Case.
Transcribed from Court Record Knox Co  TN # 717
Sherwood Raby and Lucinda Raby vs Adam Hanger and James Hord,
Injunction Bill filed 7-25-1853 in Chancery Court.

Background: James Hord purchased land from Zachariah Cannon.
Lucinda Raby mother of James Hord gave him $240 for consideration money for the purchase.  James Hord attacked Adam Hanger with knife and cut him three times. James Hord fled the country, presummedly to KY.

Adam Hanger: It is true, that in or about the 6th day of October 1852 this respondent having given no provocation was wantonly and violently attacked by his co-defendant said James Hord and in said conflict this respondent received some three stabs and cuts with a knife, which seriously threatened respondents life. It is also true that after the said Hord inflicted said wounds in respondent he fled the country in order to evade as far a possible the penalties of the law. Where said Hord got to respondent does not know but is informed that he is now probably in the state of Kentucky. Respondent further answering says it is true that some considerable time after he received the injuries aforesaid from said Hord he instituted a suit against him in the Circuit court of Knox County to recover damages for the ....violence aforesaid...

It is true that in the trial of said action  before a jury of Knox Co, a verdict in favor of the respondent for about the sum of $1350 for which judgement was also rendered in respondents favor...  Respondent was also proceeding to subject said land to sale to satisfy the judgement aforesaid when complaintants filed this bill and obtained the injunction in this cause.

Respondent states that complaintant Lucinda is the mother of the said James Hord and he thinks he has sufficient cause to believe that said alleged claim in him is merely colourable? and put forward for the fraudulent purpose of defeating ... the superior rights of this respondent. Adam Hanger.

Deposition taken Dec 7,1854 at the dwelling of Elijah Taylor, J.P. in presence of Adam Hanger and Lucinda Raby.

Mary Jane Raby, about eighteen. Question: Please state how much money you saw James Hord receive of Lucinda Raby (your mother) and what use was made of it?  Answer: I did not see James Hord receive any money from Lucinda Raby but I saw him pay Zac Cannon two hundred and forty dollars in part for a tract of land that he bought of said Cannon which money I seen mother Lucinda Raby in possession of and I know it to be the same money James Hord paid to said Cannon.

Question to J.M. Reece: Please state how much money you heard James Hord say he got of Lucinda Raby and what use he made of it?
Answer: I seen James Hord have some silver money. I do not know how many dollars he had. I didn't count it but I weighed it, it weighed twelve pounds and three quarters. He said he got it of his mother Lucinda Raby and that he was going to pay it to Zac Cannon for a piece of land he bought of him.

March 16, 1855 Shade Calaway about 40 in behalf of Adam Hanger and James Hord: Some time during the fall or winter of 1852 I had an execution in favor of Adam Hanger, against James Hord, issued from the circuit court of Knox County. I went to Mrs Raby's and told her my business and she told me that James Hord had nothing. I asked her if James Hord had no corn at Rutlege's, she said no that she had bought it, that James Hord owed her. I then asked her if James Hord had not a horse and a two horse waggon. She said no that she had bought them, the James Hord owed her and that she intended to have her money. I then asked her if James Hord had no personal property. She said no. I told her that I would have to levy on his land. She said that I was too late. He, James Hord had
sold it. I asked her if he sold it in Kentucky. She said yes. I told her that it would not avail anything. She said it would. I said that if it was not seconded in the State it would not hold good. She did not know whether it was seconded in this State or not. She said she intends to have her money. Says I, I levy on James Hord land.  Shade Calaway

March 16 1855  Elizabeth Mc Dade about 40 in behalf of Adam Hanger and James Hord. Question by Adam Hanger: Please state the difference amounts of money that Mrs Raby told you that her son James Hord owed her?
Answer: As well as I recollect the first time she mentioned it she said that she had loaned him one hundrede dollars for which she had nothing to show. The next time I heard her say anything about it she said that she had loaned him one hundred and fifty dollars for which she had his note and could show it at anytime.
March 16, 1855 Hugh McDade: Question by Adam Hanger: How long had Mr. and Mrs Raby possesion of Jamed Hord farm and how many crops did they raise on it?  Answer: They had possesion of the farm about 18 months and raised two wheat crops and one crop of oats and corn to best of my recollection.
Do you know of any other property that James Hord left belonging to him?
I do not.

March 31, 1855 Hugh Mc Dade by Adam Hanger, What do you consider the rent of James Hord's farm to worth by the year? Answer I would consider the rent of the farm to be worth forty two dollars, the interest on the purchase money.

March 31, 1855 Benjamin F. Bearden, Question by Adam Hanger,
Please state what a certain waggon and horse was worth that James Hord left here, when he left the country? Answer: I consider the waggon to worth at that time forty five dollars and the horse to worth forty dollars.
Question by Lucinda Raby: Did you know the above named waggon to be James Hord's waggon?  I did not only from report, he claimed it as his own.
What do you consider to be the difference between the horse that James Hord left and the one that he took away with him?  I should say twenty five dollars.
B.F. Bearden.

March 31 1855 Robert T Wilson Question by Adam Hanger:
You will please state how much corn you bought from George Rutlege and also how the said Rutlege came by the corn?  Answer: I bought of George Rutlege something over 100 bushels of corn which was rent corn due Rutlege from James Hord for land rented of the said George P Rutlege.
Question by Hanger: What did you pay per bushel for the corn bought of Rutlege? Answer: My recollection is that I paid him twenty five cents per bushel.
I hauled it and husked it myself. Question: What rent did you understand that James Hord was to pay for the land rented from Rutlege? Answer: It was my understanding that Hord was to pay one third  of the crop rent and that I bought that amount.

Question by Lucinda Raby: Please state who worked that crop? Answer: I saw James Hord, Samuel Raby, Mary Raby and a small black girl at work in the crop frequently during the summer and towards the latter part of the season I saw Sherwood Raby at work in the field. Question Do you know whether James Hord made a constant hand in the crop or not? Answer: To the best of my recollection James Hord put in his time very well during the season.  Robert T Wilson.

March 31, 1855 Nath. B Grigsby Question By Adam Hanger: What do you consider the rent of James Hord's farm worth by the year? Answer I consider
the farm above named to worth forty two dollars by the year.
Question by Sherwood Raby Do you consider what myself and a small boy could work worth forty two dollars or the whole farm? Answer I consider the whole farm to be worth that amount. N. B. Grigsby

2015 Jan 25 update post

by Donald Raby on 01/24/15

JANUARY 24, 2015
It has been a long while since I published here. The following is an update on a whirlwind of the last two years. I will commence with Feb 28 2013: Sarah Vise Raby died at age 95. She was a blessing to us and is very much missed.

In March my long time friend Nancy Bruce became serious ill was hospitalized. In July her father and my good friend Thomas N Bruce died. All of these things were a shock to all of us and we are still under the effects of them. October 1, 2013 I retired from USPS with 28 years service.

In March 2014  I was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer and began chemo therapy for 8 weeks followed by radiation and chemo for 45 days. Then after a short break I had 8 more weeks of Chemo.The tumor is called stable by the Doctor and I will have another scan in April to see the progress.

On October 29, 2014 Nancy Bruce and I were married and we are living at Mother's house until we can renovate our house, which we will move to as soon as possible.

I have been blessed in many ways and am strong to continue daily walking for exercise and have done some of the work on the house my self. Plumbing has been replaced and next stage is to redo the kitchen. God is good and is blessing us abundantly and we look with hope to the future and praise His name through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thanks to all my friends and family for support and prayers.
Donald Raby

Oct 1 2012 New Chapter

by Donald Raby on 10/03/13

This is the  beginning of a new chapter. I hope to use my life to the glory of GOD. I have many activities to occupy my time, but never too busy to offer care for others. I hope to spend time on my hobbies of Photography, Historical Studies, Bible Studies Woodworking Hiking and perhaps others if I don't forget. I like to preserve and utilized things that most would throw out. In that regard I may take some things to flea market.  I also have two residences that need maintenance. All in all it looks like there will be little time for growing moss. This is just a note let it be known what is happening in the Chronicles.

May 7 2012 Bibles purchased for collection

by Donald Raby on 05/06/12

The latest acquisition for my Bible Collection includes GENEVA Bible 1537, MATHEWS Bible from 1560 by Miles Coverdale, Orthodoxy Study Bible NKJV, The 400th Anniversary King James 1611 Version, and the Jefferson Bible.

The Jefferson Bible is a replication of Thomas Jefferson effort to take his pen knife to the Scriptures. His original was given to the Smithsonian by his grandson in 1895 and has been conserved and published by Smithsonian. It is very interesting how they preserved the book and made it available. Jefferson was a champion of liberty and is commended for his leadership in the formation of our nation. As a Deist he denies the deity of Jesus Christ and does not include miracles in his work. He sees Jesus as a good moral teacher worthy of following on morals, but not to be taken as the Lord and Creator of all. Therefore his work is due considerable criticism for Bible Believers.

There is another story of one king of Israel who took his penknife to the word of God. He was carried into Babylonian captivity and written out of the heritage of the kings of Israel. None of his offspring would ever sit on the throne again. It is worthy of the attention of anyone who would accept only portions of God's Word according to their own desires. Jeremiah 36. This is the end of my first attempt at a blog. Thanks Donald Raby